Were you looking for The Smiling Atheist?

If so, then you've come to the right place.  This is the same blog by the same person with the same atheistic, skeptical mind, who's written the same blogs, and the same books, journals, reports and essays.  It's just one of those evolutionary traits that we have as humans: Change is bad, right?

In this instance, I feel I should explain why the name and design change to the blog.  It has nothing to do with distancing myself from the atheist movement or from the word "atheist" in general.  I merely felt that this change would give me a chance to concentrate on a larger range of topics.  I've been an atheist for as long as I remember, and I'll be one until I see physical proof of any of man's 2,700 gods do indeed exist.  However, while I am an atheist, that word doesn't really define me as well as the word "skeptic" does, as there is far more infuriating quackery out there in the world apart from religion.  Now, I'm free to discuss these things, and I'm free to branch out a little bit, and include far more of my personality.

But make no worry, as my skepticism still goes all the way to the top.  And that will be just as much a part of this blog as anything else.  So, feel free to smile with me into hell with this new venture in my blogging career.