What Brain Functionality You Will Need

Okay, so I probably don't need to tell you that Phrenology is a dismissed, debunked pseudoscience with absolutely no basis in reality.  It does, however, provide an easy way of diagramming the parts of the brain that you should use, and shouldn't use, not only when reading this blog, but when living your life in general, aside from the exception of family love and paternity, which are useless when reading this blog.  Use the more analytical parts of your brain, and the skeptic aspects of your mind, not only in the pseudoscience I cover, but also in my own words.  If I say something that you think is "hokum" then by all means, let me know.  Challenge me, just as I challenge the world.  However, keep debate friendly, as there is no room for pompousness or childishness in the Smiling Skeptic community.  If you're the first to attack personally or to name-call in a debate, you've lost.  Remember, when the facts are on your side, to talk; when they aren't on your side, you yell.